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Every child has the right to positive contact

with both parents

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LightaCandle for PAS Awareness

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Parental Alienation is child abuse

If you use PAS you are in fact a child abuser!

Parental Alienation Survey

Parental Alienation Survey


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@fatherscontact is on Twitter and supports and helps all parents faced with parental alienation

We are here to help anyone who needs emotional support and advice on restoring contact with their alienated children. 

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Additional Support

Menstalk Support


Menstalk is a project aiming to make it easier for men age 13 onwards to talk about worries and problems by providing counselling across Devon. Tweets by Mark

Positively Happy     Positively Happy Radio

We invite you to embrace our ambition to create more happiness with our family of free radio stations all offering great music, inspirational words and uplifting information

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25 Apr 2015

PAS awareness day

April 25th


International PAS Awareness Day

24 Dec 2015

Light a Candle

Christmas Eve

Christmas PAS Collage for PAS Awareness



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